Pink On Family and National Morality

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I came across this quote from Arthur Pink today and thought it was worth sharing, particularly in light of the alarmist things I encounter in my social media feeds on a daily basis lately. It’s easy to find folks to blame for the problems in our nation. Folks post their outrage on social media, flock to politicians peddling easy answers, demand laws that will straighten up the world we live in, and pine for God to set things right. The problem with these solutions is that they are top-down fixes to a bottom-up problem. Decline and decay start in our own homes and churches. We must address our own messes before looking to those of others. In the 2 millennia since its birth, Christianity has changed the world, not through legislation and power, but through discipleship and devotion to the cause of Jesus. Fathers, follow Jesus and grow spiritually. Then, spend time with your families, loving and teaching them who Jesus is and how to follow Him. Devote yourself to your God, your marriage, your family, and your church (in that order). If you want this country to change, start with yourselves. Through prayer and discipleship, Jesus’ following grew to fill the world. It will only happen again through the same efforts.

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6 thoughts on “Pink On Family and National Morality

  1. Could not agree more.

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    Here is the answer. No election will rescue us.

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  3. sandbergii says:

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    In this election season, everyone sees to want, demand even, change. But it is mostly change in others, or for others, that we seek. And we get frustrated that the promised change never quite happens. We would do better to work to change those things over which we have the most direct control, namely ourselves. “Let the dead bury the dead. Come, follow Me.”

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