Music to My Ears

Sitting at my desk, working on sermon materials for this week, I found myself listening to my 3-year-old singing. She changed the words to every song she sang as she played with her dolls and the tune was wobbly, but it is beautiful. The love I have for my little girl made the song as rich and beautiful as any choir. I believe one of the biggest blessings we receive as parents is the opportunity to catch an occasional glimpse of how God sees us. Even our best efforts are certainly less than those of the angels, but God loves us dearly. I’d argue that our praises are well received, harmonious or not.

10 thoughts on “Music to My Ears

  1. womanofgod54 says:

    Thank you for your comment and like on my blog. You are the first one and I appreciate what you said.


  2. m says:

    I love this! My little girl’s 6 and still sings her own words to her own tune, some of the best moments are listening quietly when she doesn’t know I’m there to hear. And absolutely true that some of the best moments with my kids are the ones that provide a little glimpse of life through His eyes. Thank you!


    • patchingcracks says:

      Thanks for commenting! Its such a huge blessing to be able to spend the kind of time with our kids that is necessary for experiencing these moments.


  3. Trevor says:

    I’ve got three daughters of my own, although much older than age 3. Memories are precious…you’re building some great ones. 😊

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  4. mrteague says:

    This is something my wife & I talk about all the time. Parenting does give insight into the heart of God. I know one time God spoke to me when I was watching a movie with my daughter. He told me to notice how happy I was just sitting with her. It didn’t matter what we were doing. Then He told me He feels the same. Sometimes we make this so much harder than it needs to be. 🙂 Here’s a post along the same lines:
    God bless….


  5. luckybe4r says:

    One of my favorite sights in the office is seeing my kids playing at my desk. You are blessed!!!

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